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A new kitchen is wildly exciting. It's a blank canvas, a brand-new space to make all your own — a fresh start, and a new beginning. A pantry is just waiting to get stocked with all your favorite foods and mealtime essentials. But that first grocery trip can also prove totally overwhelming, especially if you're moving into your own place for the first time or making a long-distance move, and stocking your fridge and pantry totally from scratch. We're here to help, with a grocery li...
The magnificence that is Michelangelo.. the Pieta... Independent Vatican City,province of Rome Lazio region Italy
tiramisu, truffles, mascarpone, espresso, sugar, vanilla, Italian pastry, pastry, chocolate chips
Twix Cookies. Made with a buttery, flaky shortbread base then add some caramel and top with chocolate, these cookies are bound to become a favorite.
Cheesecake Cookies - A creamy, tender and delicious cookie that's a not too sweet but totally addictive dessert!
The Divine Praises! :) So beautiful, and so good to keep in mind in having been to Holy Hour :)
My new closet! Re-purposed wood and pipe fittings from the hardware store = a fabuluosly industrial chic closet. Inspired by and courtesy of my GC.:
Pallet bed 6
Ana White | Build a Industrial Style Wood Slat Closet System with Galvanized Pipes | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans