totem tennis

I begged my Dad to get me a tetherball set when I was in fourth grade. He surprised me and had it set in a tire with cement. I was good enough that I could beat some of the teenagers. I spent many hours playing this by myself. I loved this game.

Australia PINNED on the map as a destination on my bucket list. I WIll Go Down under. :D

Old paper money least the new plastic notes don't get mooshed in the wash. But these are prettier.

The Colour of Money . Australian money, that is. These are paper notes which have since been replaced by more durable plastic notes.

Qantas Airline vintage travel poster - Australia beach

Qantas Airline vintage travel poster - Australia beach ……re pinned by Maurie Daboux ♪ ♪

the classic EH Holden wagon

EH Holden 1963 Station Wagon Surfing Tin Sign

The classic 1964 EH Holden station wagon was one of the more popular models Holden produced.

Old Photos of Australian Aborigines

Old Photos of Australian Aborigines. Oral traditions of historical life in Aboriginal Australia communicated through stories and families

First Australians -Aboriginal Women, Northern Territory, dingo (dog)   1928. Photo taken by Herbert Basedow

Women carrying baskets Aboriginal women, Northern Territory, Photo taken by Herbert Basedow

Mr Squiggle...loved this show!

Super-talented Cartoonist, Norman Hetherington as the much loved Mr Squiggle.