Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes

Textured Painting with Nature's Paint Brushes

"Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes" This is not just art, but art in nature! Go on a nature walk to gather 'schtuff!' Then use what you gather to create art or As art!

KS1 Aboriginal rainsticks

- Aboriginal rainsticks are a fun and educational activity that focus on how different uses of various materials can be combined to create something that was used in Aboriginal communities.

Dots n' Spots~ You'll need black 8 1/2 x 11 construction paper, assortment of tempera paints, Dixie cups (about 6-8 per group), and Q-Tips (about 6-8 per group). This site has great step-by-step pictures that will make it extra easy for your students to try this cool project!

Australian Dot Painting- Easy 1 hour class project- * - Sheets of black 8 x 11 construction paper * - Assortment of tempera paints * - Dixie cups (about per group) * - Q-Tips (about per group)