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Love the look of this native Australian plant... wonder if it would work around a pool area?

Acacia cognata Love the look of this native Australian plant. wonder if it would work around a pool area?

Gabion screen, Acacia cognata 'Limelight', Dietes and dragonflies by Natural Inspirations. Steven Wells garden at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital, Melbourne

Steven Wells has recently been named ‘Gardener of the Year’ by Gardening Australia for his wonderful sensory rehabilitation garden at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital in Melbourne.

Bambusa boniopsis grows to 4 mtrs in height and makes a fantastic screen or hedge. It has a vase shaped form, in that it is very tight clumping at the base and fans out towards the top, with very dense foliage. Boniopsis is also great for creating shade, without having to plant a large bamboo.

Back in late 2011 when I wanted a plant screen between our patio area and our neighbour's back yard, I decided on using fast-growing bamboo. Bamboo can make great visual screens, but one of the concerns many people have about planting b.

I love tree art and this one has depth, passion and substance. Hand Painted Modern Tree Art Decoration Oil Painting On Canvas Landsacpe Wall Pictures For Living Room Decor