Maltese Pulpetti (Corned Beef Croquettes) Adapted from Nanna Pulpetti can be made with many other kinds of meat if you're not a fan of corned beef. Some traditional alternatives: tuna, ground pork, ground beef, and hard boiled eggs.

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I couldn't help but want to make these Maltese croquettes, called pulpetti, since they feature corned .

Froga Tat-Tarja - A Maltese Pasta Omelet | ParTASTE

Froga Tat-Tarja - Cheesy Pasta Omelette

Froga tat-tarja is a Maltese pasta omelet, traditionally made with vermicelli. An ingenious way of bulking up freshly cooked pasta or turning leftovers into a second meal, this dish comes together without much effort and disappears just as easily.

Maltese Baked Pasta (macaroni) - Ghagin (Imqarrun) il-Forn - A Maltese Mouthful

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Maltese Widow's soup (Maltese Food, Maltese Recipes, Maltese Cuisine)

Widow's soup (Soppa tal-armla) - A Maltese Mouthful

This warm broad bean and bacon salad recipe is great served with hunks of fresh crusty white bread.

Warm broad bean salad with bacon

Maltese corned beef pie - Torta tal-bulibif - A Maltese Mouthful

Maltese corned beef pie - Torta tal-bulibif - A Maltese Mouthful

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Maltese Cheese (Gbejniet) and Ricotta - A Maltese Mouthful