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21 Stupidly Funny Tweets About First Dates

Oooooohhh harambeeee you were so big and strong, and ever since you're gone [whispers] I can't sleep.

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You would have toes that look like beans how much better could it get?

I didn't know I needed this.

With commentary by Christopher Eccleston << in memory of Christopher Lee. I would watch this movie a thousand times

*gets excited bc 5sos movie* *remembers what happened over thirty years ago* *cries*

*gets excited bc movie* *remembers what happened over thirty years ago* *cries*

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Buy some better insults // excuse the language this is great

Tips for nails :3

When girls get together to solve problems…I needed this like 10 mins ago! Good things my nails didn't messed up!<<<I barely even wear nailpolish.