Sophie Taylor-Haynes

Sophie Taylor-Haynes

Sophie Taylor-Haynes
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Don't like anyone other than Jack and Elsa

JELSA FOR LIFEEEEE NO hate Jarida is cute. but I ship Merrikie (Merida x Cookie) Helsa is horrible. *_* Jackunzel is awkward. I mean Rapunzel is married. I honestly ship Elsa with a watermelon. And I ship Jack with um I dont know any food.

<3 u mom

I now have three moms, bio mom,step mom, and foster mom. But I love them all…


I just pinned this cause of the fun eye tests and to just state, don't believe in all the tests and stuff that these type of pins make up, if you believe hard enough then you can make your wishes come true on your own.

Srry i dont wanna be forever alone

To be honest, I hate this stuff, but I guess this is my "Repost all the chain mail crap" week.

MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny and weird facts ONLY

This is seriously , sosososososososososososo accurate , it aint even funny . I would spend the whole rest of the day going like . wtf , that was in a dream , how is this real . This happens to me a lot


I'm doing this for the weirdness and so I can prove to people this stuff doesn't work, but yah, it's still fun.


And you pester your friends, I don't think he likes me! Does he like me! Do u think he likes me? And they say do you want me to go ask them? And you yell noooo <--- I am SO doing this to Livia