Sarah and Roger Budarick’s drought tolerant garden, Boat’s End, in Australian House and Garden.

Low rainfall garden / Agave americana with its distinctive pointy leaves / the lime-green heads of Euphorbia / bold pink flower spires of sprawling Echium / Gazanias in foreground

Australian garden

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Jim Fogarty Landscape Design | Gardens | Flinders Coastal Garden

Soft coastal plantings along pathway softens the edges and gives a natural flow to the path.

Dog compost bin (not to be used on edible garden): 1. Cut off bottom of bin and drill holes in its walls.  2. Bury to rest about 3in above the soil. 3. Add rocks/gravel to help with drainage. 4. Begin filling with dog poop and secure the lid. 5. After a few days, add septic starter enzyme (find at hardware store) to help with decomposing. Add more every 6 months or so. You can use the resulting compost on flower beds or allow it to remain and slowly seep into the soil.

Build a Pet Waste Composter Using a Garbage Can

Dog Waste Compost Bin: Add in what your dog left behind, throw in some septic starter (we got ours in the hardware aisle of a grocery store), sprinkle with a little water, and put on the lid.

I want to go to the Australian garden right now.

The view from Boat’s End looking out to Encounter Bay. The distant hedge is olive grevillea; colour is provided by orange nasturtiums and red Euphorbia rigida.

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