Simple ways to make kindness tangible for kids to understand.

Learning to Be Kind {Kindness for Kids}

Fun fact: November is World Kindness Day. Kindness is an incredibly important, yet not altogether often acknowledged character quality

Sharing our stories, contains both spoken and multimodal Aboriginal dreaming stories.

Listens to Aboriginal stories and songs and views Aboriginal artworks and dance. 6 Aboriginal Dreaming stories told by children - audio and video

The Rainbow Serpent - YouTube

The Rainbow Serpent ~ Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories, Story by Dick Roughsey, Narrration by David Gulpilil


This video is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders family and Kinship. It is a short clip that explains how Aboriginal kinship is different to Australian kinship. It also details how to understand Aboriginal kinship.

Fair Skin Black Fella - This is the story of Mary, a young Aboriginal girl who lives on a red and dusty cattle station. Shunned by the other girls because of her fair skin, Old Ned, one of the community elders, finally speaks up. With words full of knowledge and wisdom, he teaches the girls that Aboriginal identity transcends skin colour and that family, community, country, culture and spirituality is what being Aboriginal is really about. Written and illustrated by Renee Fogorty.

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