Fiona Hall, Pride, Seven Deadly Sins, 1985

Fiona Hall, Pride, Seven Deadly Sins, 1985 Her work spans mutiple disciplines and broadly deal with order and chaos, good and evil.

Fiona Hall ~ 'When my Boat Comes In'  2003–06 (detail) gouache on banknotes

FIONA HALL from When my boat comes in (detail) gouache on banknotes installation view Collection of the artist

Fiona Hall - Leaf Litter

Fiona Hall Leaf Litter, 2000 - 2002 Smilax sieboldii gouache on bank notes dimensions variable (Detail)

Fiona Hall - Beautiful botanical forms made from glass beads, silver wire and plastic

Australian artist Fiona Hall is renowned for transforming ordinary objects and materials into complex and allusive works that are witty, hum.