Activities and sheets on planning and tracking and observing children

OBSERVING CHILDREN - This observation sheet is similar to what is used in my practicum setting. This is a good way to record your observations of children's play and interests and will help you to plan future activities.

Analysis and Evaluation Documentation Ideas for Early childhood educators - Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Analysis, Reflection and Evaluation in Early Childhood Programming

Analysis, reflection, documentation and EYLF outcomes - simple tips and strategies for early years educators.

Portfolio info

An introduction letter we made (Portfolio Template CD) for families to help them understand the purpose of a portfolio and how they can contribute.

Example of what you can create in 'What I Did Today' utilising the MTOP framework for OSHC. EYLF elements are also available. Available for a 7 day FREE trial now then will be $3.79 per month which includes all future updates. Download from the App Store: User Guide:

Example of what you can create in 'What I Did Today' utilising the MTOP…

Philosophy Documentation from Kallista Kindergarten (",)

Kallista Kindergarten: "We view children as strong and powerful contributors to their own learning" - Website portal ≈≈

Program documentation

A good idea, email to parents at the end of each week. Also have a staff diary and individual reflective diary.

Figure 2

Learning to Document in Reggio-inspired Education Carol Anne Wien York University with Victoria Guyevskey & Noula Berdoussis

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