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My favourite Frasier quote.

My life was going to be sunshine and rainbows out my ars until I found the fandom. Now, I shake hands with the Devil daily.

Sad truth

Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse - Oh WOW! This is so my life! Feels strange & sad when I see it in print. Hits home for sure!

PTSD: How A Narc's Emotional Abuse Makes It Worse

Confirmation that I have made the right decision in deliberately detaching myself from toxic persons (although it's true that family members did not CHOOSE me, and neither did the church group I attempted to fit in with)

No help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors

A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors. The heart gets confused when it's constantly told I love you by the same person who destroys it.

New job New phone number  New beginnings

And when they ask you about me & you find yourself thinking back on all of our memories, I hope you ache in regret as the truth hits you like a bullet & you find yourself replying: "She loved me more than anyone else in the world & I destroyed her.

It's not easy to see someone go through hardships and learn absolutely nothing from them.

You can't change someone who doesn't want too. You can't change someone who doesn't see why they should change. You can't change someone