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Jacob Sartorius is my bae

(made by Jacob Sartorius with ♬ Music: musicallytunes - original…

Jacob sartorius is my husband

Jacob Sartorius ~ You can Pre-Order his new song Sweatshirt on iTunes


Jacob//"I'm not going to the bonfire. No one wants me there so I won't go.


Loving the lip color. I personally don't wear dark gothic lipstick but this girl pulled it off


Seriously adore this lip shade! Pls be Winter already 😭 I this heat! And I want an excuse to look vamp everyday Lips are Antique Velvet Brows are in Blonde Lashes are Ciara Lash w/ Individual Mink lash + stacked Eyes are 63 Pigment


Glow is 'Gleam' Glow Kit (shades 'Mimosa' with 'Crushed Pearl' 'Hard Candy' as a blush) 'Rezy' on the lips with 'Gilded' lipgloss Brow Definer in 'Caramel' by bybrookelle