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Melissa Stapleton

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Melissa Stapleton
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Documents and Resources for Teaching Argumentative Writing

The A-List: Copy Jim Burke's list of the 15 most essential academic vocabulary verbs. This would be good to have as a resource!

Looking for a way to build test prep into your routine? A daily math spiral review is a perfect solution! Ideal for homework or morning work, your students will master core standard by practicing the strategies you've taught them again and again. From word problems to place value, its all here. Plus these activities prompt students to reflect on their math strategies and learning. Stop spending weeks on test review & start a spiral review routine in your classroom. For 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade.

Create something like this but in French with conjugations, short reading excerpts, etc.

Deepen mathematical understanding with 'Think Boards'

Deepen mathematical understanding with 'Think Boards'

Bloom's Taxonomy Questions and Tasks Wheel- This is another chart that helps teachers use Bloom's Taxonomy to develop more higher order thinking questions in their classrooms. It gives verbs and activities that fit each category of the taxonomy.

Dont Miss This Awesome Blooms Taxonomy Wheel ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning . This might be helpful in sounding down Bible Truths.

The Impact Of Significant Development On A Colony - Yr5 – History > The Impact Of A Significant Development Or Event On A Colony 35 pages of activities and guidance notes addressing the identification of cause and effect of significant events on early Australian Colonies. (Australian Curriculum No ACHHK095)

The Impact Of Significant Development On A Colony - – History Stage Year History, Outcome/Inquiry Question: The impact of a significant development or event on an Australian colony

NGSS Aligned Driving Phenomenon Based Questions Earth Systems.

NGSS aligned phenomena based questions for teaching the unit on Earth Systems. 9 questions, fully editable Standards Alignment: Develop a model

20 Things for Students to Do with Informational Text [infographic]

The most common request I have received this year as a literacy coach is to cover a teacher’s class. Just kidding. That’s the second-most common request. Seriously, the practice that most of the …