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Horse Pose Tutorial by Abiadura on deviantART Art Ed Central

A horse pose tutorial! The other day ~Trithani suggested that I should make one, and yesterday for no reason at all my interwebs went out (it just got fixed this evening) so I was drawing a re.

An exquisite fuck-ton of canine references. To see the text of the larger images, you gotta reverse-image search β€˜em. [From various sources]

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how to draw wolves | How to draw a wolf paw pictures 3

How to draw a wolf paw. How to draw a wolf paw print. How to draw a wolf paw print step by step. How to draw a wolf paw. How to draw a wolf paw step by step.

How To Draw Horses Tutorial by Capella336.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Just a quick tutorial I threw together while chatting with Starhorse and Wadhifitook. They cheered me up. I draw these little guys incessently on my notebook margins. Horses leap over biology notes.