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Band Photography

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Live, back stage or photo shoots for bands/artists.... This is where I will pin them.

Lucius from the band COG. There is a funny story about how we met but I have known him for a while now. We met at a hotel after I had just finished a DJ gig supporting BeXta on the road and he had finished a COG gig. Being a photographer later in life I got to catch up with him at many gigs in different cities. Amazing man and one person with some huge morals not to mention being one of the best drummers I have ever heard.

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TOOL. Commonly known as one of the best bands ever and a band that I dearly love. It was an absolute honor to be able to photograph this band.

I finally had the chance to photograph Wolfmother. It was a band I never really liked until I actually saw them live. You would be surprised how often this happens to me. I would dislike a band and then photograph them and gain an appreciation for them. It is kind of cool now that the lead singer has his own band and that a member of the band I travelled with as their tech to Thailand for the MTV International Music Festival is now playing in his band.