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Tamen Di Gushi 68

I know it has nothing to do with humor. but it's too fu*kin funny ;D

Tamen De Gushi 120 - A Daily Life Extra 2

this happen everyday with me and my frind

I just want to feel loved for once I want to feel loved by the one I love the most

As far back as I can remember when someone asked me how I was, I always responded with the word fine. Way back even in elementary school. === I feel these but realize I'm still loved

I just drew this. I need some help... Girl most preferably that I know... -Diana

Maybe I'm just shy? I shouldn't self diagnose myself but. I can relate to a lot when it comes to anxiety or shyness.

This was me last night , I stayed up the entire night watching Special A…

Funny pictures about Daily Routine. Oh, and cool pics about Daily Routine. Also, Daily Routine photos.