More ideas from Steve

The path of dragons is a treacherous one. To ride a dragon you must be fully in tune with your inner dragon as well as your own physical shape. When the dragon chooses you are worthy, you will be granted the pleasure of riding on seas of air on one of the most majestic creatures we have ever known. -Zwaluws-

When I see different pieces of art depicting some sort of monster meeting a woman in the wilderness like this painting, I come up with new ideas or a different perspective.

Licorice Allsorts Slice - My daughter, back in NZ, told me about this. Said it's better than Lolly Cake. I love licorice allsorts, so will have to give this a try :-)

gluten free meatballs - super tasty chicken and bacon meatballs. Easy to make in bulk, freeze well for easy snacks and kids lunches. Paleo friendly.