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This Is SO Accurate.

Moms making things magically appear since forever. My life story with my kids and husband.

So true. Hahaha

It's so true. Every time I would watch Disney when I was younger and they started to sing a song I would roll my eyes and feel embarrassed for watching it because I thought the songs were so stupid. Now all I do is sing the songs! So true!

Some fun stuff for you :)

A perfect example of talented people with way too much free time on their hands- banana art


Fun Art:How to pass time on the train When you know how to draw xD

Excuse me while i retreat from the news-infested TV and into my little nook of fantasy

I need this book fort in my life! It also could be a fun reading nook for kids, maybe giving them more of an incentive to read because it's so cool!

Why women live longer....

This bro who is also maybe a witch. Would you believe me if I said as a Nurse on an Orthopedic ward I had more than one guy who jumped into a pool from a window? And broke both ankles, its not really funny, but this picture is.