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DIY concrete planter box Notice the 'quasi-natural' look of path combining manmade concrete pavers (hard, defined) with pebbles (hard, undefined), bordered by plants (soft) defining further the path

Stone PAVERS become stone PLANTERS. Use cement glue to glue cement pavers together. age them with a moss recipe.

Here is the vertical cedar fence my hubby built (with my design, lumber shopping and staining help - Im useless with a hammer though) to cover up the two hideous air conditioning units gracing our frontage. Hes awesome! Im happy. We left lots of air for the AC units to breathe so hopefully its fine.

HOW TO CREATE A BUILT IN SEAT IN YOUR OUTDOOR AREA To build in a seat like this is smart because it maximises the amount of space that you have. 1. Use a hardwood timber that withstands the weather. 2. Ensure there is a slope on the backrest for comfort. 3. Create storage inside by having a seat that lifts (if at all possible) #builtinseating #outdoorseating #builtin…

Built - in bench with storage - patio furniture and outdoor furniture - seattle - Cedarcraft construction LLC More

So simple, so effective. That bamboo is going to shed like crazy though when it gets bigger, so let's find a different species. Otherwise perfect. More