Vital Veggie Power

Some yummy ways to use our Vital Veggie Power the no-fuss way to add extra veggies and alkalising greens to your diet each day
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Simple ways to add extra Veggies to your day with Vital Veggie Power the most versatile addition to your pantry. Available at www,
Add Vital Vegie Powder to everything
Add Vital Vegie powder to any meal
Peanut butter + Vital Veg + chick pea + honey biscuits !
Add your Vital Veg to avocado & tomato on toast & scrambled eggs.
Yummy lunch at the Nutra Organics office ) cauliflower rice , salad & avocado . Topped w/ vital veggie powder .
A sprinkle of superfoods for kids Vital Vegie powder on salad gives a great nutritional boost
More delicious ways to use Vital Veggie in your family meals each day ! The ultimate pantry companion to buy go to
Dhal dreaming a delicious easy dhal with the added goodness of Vital Veggie Power find vital veggie power at

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