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Bougainvillea 101 - Trimming, Pruning, and Pinching

Bougainvillea plant care means watering, feeding, soil, lighting & temperature, and pruning & pinching are executed correctly. Learn how with BGI.

I have a blue pot like this and just planted a hot pink geranium in it. Great color combo!

Love to see a blue pot with a bright pink bougainvillea! (For the front porch)

You want JUST the essentials at Disneyland. Unless you're Marry Poppins you can't be carrying around everything. Here's what I recommend goes in your Disney bag! This post will tell you just what to bring to Disneyland.

Explore what to bring to Disneyland from a Disney expert. What will you want, need and wish you'd had during a day at the happiest place on earth.

I'm going to share 14 Disneyland secrets for families. Tips and tricks to help you ALL enjoy the day together, even with multiple ages and personalities.

"My One-Year Old Grandson Loved His First Trip to Disneyland!" - We were worried that there would not be much he could do. However, he enjoyed Disneyland more than we thought he would!