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Uh dont EVER go that far bro. Just no. Know your limits. :D

Imagine Justin Bieber (Beliebers) sorry I just thought this was so funny

my parents tell me this all the time, my mom even told me that he's just a distraction to me

My parents say its an unhealthy obsession, dad it's called dedication(;

I hate selena gomez. She was just using Justin for publicity while Justin actually loved her. Shows how heartless she is.

I used to LOVE her almost as much as I love justin but now I'm just disappointed about that AND she made it worst by the pics she sends him and the David letterman interview 😭😭 I'm pretty sure she lost a lot more than justin in this situation 😭😭


Justin Bieber showed his slightly more eccentric side when he refused to be parted with his pacifier during a night out in St Tropez on Thursday


omg i really cant and its starting to scare how much im infatuated with him

Justin Bieber