Table Mountain wildflowers near Oroville in Northern California, one of the things that miss the very most. I love wild flower fields!

- Flying Duck Orchid by Bill Higham, via Flickr 20/02/2012 Tasmania AUSTRALIA. OH WE HAVE SOME GORGEOUS NATIVE FLORA,

Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) a small orchid found in eastern and southern australia. This orchid features a remarkable flower resembling a Duck In Flight.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Tips

drought-tolerant landscaping ideas - how do your suppliers cope with lack of attention? Some need more attention than others - best to know who needs what to ensure your purchasing garden flourishes garden,Garden Design,

Clubbed Spider Orchid ~ as seen in our 2014 Wildflowers mini desk calendar. http://www.pascalpress.com.au/steve-parish-2014-mini-desk-calendar-australian-wildflowers/

Clubbed Spider Orchid ~ as seen in our 2014 Wildflowers mini desk calendar…

Ballerina orchid

17 Flowers That Look Like Something Else

Creating that European wild flower look with Australian natives, the tree trunks are so beautiful.

Australian Native Plants Courses - Home study gardening and horticulture courses, and gardening tips

western australian wildflowers - desert blush

Western Australian It's just as beautiful on the east coast where we grow our native flowers

Australian natives

Native Australian Wildflowers - a tapestry of pink and purple flowering Gum (Corymbia), with white flannel flower (Actinotus), silvery blue gum leaves, orange-rust banksia flowers