Soft bread in the Thermomix is possible!

Bread was the most frustrating thing to make in the Thermomix. It would always be dense, doughy and too heavy. It was edible but it was nothing like th

DIY bread cone

How to Make Cute Bread Cones! It is so creative to make paper cones and then wrap them completely with foil to make the molds to make bread cones. You can enjoy them plain or fill with salad, it looks so impressive, right?

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

t beat homemade Cheese and Bacon Rolls! Spread a little tomato paste down over the risen bread dough, top with cheese and bacon for a pizza style roll. Why not be

Homemade Monkey Bread (aka Cinnamon Roll Bites or Cinnamon-Sugar Pull Apart Bread) - this homemade version is incredible! sallysbakingaddict...

Homemade Monkey Bread

Homemade Monkey Bread aka Cinnamon Roll Bites or Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sugar Bread from Sallys Baking Addiction - no canned biscuits!


The Easiest Cheesiest Pull Apart Pizza Bread

Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread I’m always looking for fast and easy recipes and this one definitely fits the bill! Try this Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe! It goes nicely with a side of pizza sauce as a dip too! Get creative with the dips.

Thermomix Savoury Rose Cake

Thermomix Recipes: Thermomix Savoury Rose Cake For the dough - 350 g Plain Flour - 150 g Milk - 20 g Brewer's Yeast - 20 g Olive Oil - 3 Egg-Yolks - 1 Egg - Salt, to taste - Black Pepper, to taste For the filling - Cold Cuts - Cheeses