INOGRAPHIC: THE 7 STYLES OF LEARNING | Visual (Spatial), Aural (Auditory-Musical), Verbal (Linguistic), Solitary (Interpersonal), Social (Interpersonal), Logical (Mathematical), Physical (Kinesthetic)

The 7 styles of learning: visual: spatial solitary: intrapersonal social: interpersonal linguistic physical: kinesthetic logical: mathematical

earth day activities. A great list!

Earth day activities: grow a meadow indoors!

100 ideas for Earth Day: April Eco art, junk modelling, planting and growing, nature study, outdoor play and more!

Smile Break powerpoints are just a fun way to transition between lessons, settle in after play, give ourselves a break or fill in a few extra minutes before the end of the day.

Smile break powerpoint, WOW, what an outstanding idea! The Smile Break powerpoints have been moved to a new link on the same website. There are now many different powerpoints. Thanks, Marg!

EYLF Outcomes

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SENSORY PROCESSING: THE VESTIBULAR SYSTEM - The Inspired Treehouse. for more sensory pins, follow @connectforkids


What is the vestibular system? How do you support a healthy vestibular system in your child and how can it affect your child? Second part of the SENSORY SERIES.

Linking EYLF outcomes to theorists  #eylf #theorists…

This poster is designed to make life a bit easier for early education teachers when trying to link learning stories and observations to theorists.

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