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Fun (8 activities for toddlers that won't cost you anything).

Fun activities for toddlers that won't cost you anything). water painting, and others. I havnt thought about water painting in years. Kids love it.

simple toddler activities

40 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy.some ideas I havent seen before. I especially like play-dough filled balloons. baby-and-kids

Toddler activities

Amy b i will have to borrow some of those wooden stick from you:) Toddler "Busy Bag" Swap. Great for winter, restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, plane trips. 20 activities including this popsicle stick puzzle!

I am going to print this out and put it in a page protector, put on the fridge, and check-off in a week how much Aiden eats of that item.

Toddler Food Ideas {Free Printable} Feeding babies, nourishing toddlers, and raising healthy children: Simple, quick, and easy ways to feed .

CREATE STUDIO: Preschool Song Booklet   They are already typed for you.

Good for extra minutes at the end of kindergartent? Maybe have one child pick a song out? We can add songs as they learn them?

Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls | Toddler Times  I did this and the paper towel rolls *barely* slid over the 2.5 year old hands.  But super cute!  And I also google image searched watch faces and printed them.

Time to learn! As a wonderful, affordable time-telling activity, make a Watch and Learn or several. The more of these toilet paper roll crafts that you make, the more clock hand positions that you will start to recognize. You'll love wearing a watch!