Tais Fogliato Kurtz

Tais Fogliato Kurtz

Very curious... that's me!
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Star of Greece salt and pepper squid

“Street signage branding for a local coffee shop where I live. Durban, South Africa.” by Mike van Heerden

Butter Swirl Shortbread Cookies are a great Christmas Cookie for Holiday Baking! The dough is so easy to make and uses simple ingredients. These are a classic, crisp cookie. from @fifteenspatulas

Rainbow Salt Tray. To make, you need a tray (lid from a big gift box will do well), then glue colored paper in ROYGBIV order. Cover with heaps of salt. Hand your kids a paintbrush and they're ready to go. Could use these to practice writing the Alphabet, sight words, numbers, kid's names, etc.

The Best Basic Muffin Recipe | These are so good and you can add so many different ingredients to them.