Doorposts - The Put On Chart

Teach your kids to " put on" the fruits of the spirit.patience, kindness, love, etc. Other great biblical training tools available here, too! These would be perfect for family worship times.

Home by Carson Ellis

Home (Book) : Ellis, Carson, author, illustrator : A whimsical tribute to the myriad possibilities of home depicts homes in different real-world environments as well as fantastical settings.

Ant Clothespin Craft Kit - Wooden clothespin, pom-poms, foam pieces, wiggle eyes.

An ant you'll be glad to have hanging around! Need craft ideas for picnics and spring or summer events? These Ant Clothespins are fun and easy to make .

Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth by Mary McKenna Siddals

Delightful and unexpected word choices, plus lots of info! Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth, by Mary McKenna Siddals

Sassy Sanctuary: Little Feet Stepping Stones

One of my favorite traditions I started with my kids is making a yearly stepping stone. Every summer (for the last four) I gather my kiddos.

If You Lived Here: Houses of the World by Giles Laroche

Step into unique homes from around the world and discover the many fascinating ways in which people live and have lived. If you lived in .

Biblical parenting package

Four Bible-based charts to help with character building, discipline, and sibling relationships in your home, our bestselling topical Bible for parents, and a quick-reference "checklist for parents" booklet.

How to Make Stepping Stones

How to Make Stepping Stones From Old Cake Pans

Custom stepping stones with your child's hand or footprint can add interest to your pathway. These personalized stones also make great gifts for grandparents.