How to make shaving cream art. It's a sensory activity for toddlers and it's educational for bigger kids!

Shaving Cream Art: How to Make Shaving Cream Crafts with Kids

How to make shaving cream art projects. This is a great DIY activity for older kits and an excellent sensory activity for toddlers!

Anzac Biscuits,

Anzac Biscuits, these were sent to the men at war, ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Core.

Remembrance day, when I was a kid, the veterans used to sell poppies, I never realized the significance of it till now.

Erin Walker - The Ode. Teach children to say the Ode and what the key terms mean. Print copy for them to take home if they wish.

Kiwi Anzac Biscuit Recipe

Alternatively here is a Kiwi (New Zealand) Anzac Biscuit Recipe ;


Here's 51 links to (mostly smaller), but fascinating military websites, which you'll find useful for your Australian military history and research

Red poppy design for Remembrance Day

Remembrance-Day Thank you to all who are serving their country. to all the veterans who served their country. and those who died while serving their country.