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Doing this soon! Just need an amazing woman to do it with!

this is my goal to be tiny enough for a guy to hold me like this. that or have a guy muscular enough to hold me like this lol


My favorite photos and videos of beautiful Asian ladies from all over the world. Feel free to submit photos or videos. IG: world_of_asians

alone_in_a_crowd_by_orangemediaface.jpg (900×1200).  More alone-in-a-crowd photo ideas.

"I've gotta make a stand But I am just a man (I'm not superhuman) My voice will be heard today" ~"hero", Skillet

Coming Out: One Woman’s Story of Living With Bipolar Disorder - I did it.  I made a resolution to ‘come out’ to my kids at the dawn of the New Year, and I did.  Call me crazy if you want.  I prefer the word bipolar. But, I am also a Catholic, a wife, a mother, a homeschooler, a student, a sister, a daughter and a friend.

Image Source Releasing Unexpressed Emotion Emotional Healing Written by Randi G. Fine Unexpressed emotion will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.

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A creature Lara meets, wearing skin covered in zippers. One jarringly unzips the zippers over her eyes, revealing raw muscle and big gaping eyeballs. She would rapidly unzip and rezip the zippers to "blink" as they talked.