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The Best Harry Potter Humor On Tumblr - my father actually asked me "hey, is that Harry with a wig on?"

Funny pictures about Daniel Radcliffe in a wig. Oh, and cool pics about Daniel Radcliffe in a wig. Also, Daniel Radcliffe in a wig.

The Weasley Twins Could Have Been the Heroes of the Harry Potter Series

The Weasley twins TOTALLY could have been the heroes of the Harry Potter series. OMG this is so true hahah

This is the Official Funnies Thread We post things that will make you laugh. :D Feel free to join in on the fun! If you enjoy laughing,... - Page 13

Nothing better than a good fart joke. Right when I saw fart and read the whole thing I just started laughing!

Harry Potter and Mean Girls mashup (also I typed Harry Pitter at first and for some reason found it hilarious)

My favorite Harry Potter meets Mean Girls mash-up! "Oh my god, Harry, you can't just ask people why they don't have a nose.

If Harry Potter Was Made By Disney

Harry Potter gone Disney. Ermahgerd whoever did this must have been a hardcore Harry Potter/ Disney fan. And also has a lot of time on their hands! I love the King Triton one lol omg i have seen all disney movies and harrypotter ones! i love this

For the love of 9gag

For the love of 9gag