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The anger sandwich ... visual aid to help children understand the emotions felt before anger.
The monsters we fight with. (Click to enlarge)
12-session elementary school small group counseling program to promote social skills that are vital for school success! -Counselor Keri
Quick and Easy Worry Doll Craft For Kids. These are great for use in play therapy. These dolls help children who suffer from anxiety. They can also help kids who have suffered childhood trauma.
Creativity in Therapy: Inspiration Stones
After quite a bit of rearranging and redoing, I am feeling quite satisfied with my office! Of course, there are more little things to add and tweak. But…
What are Things I Can & Can't Control: Anxiety & Anger Counseling
What does a counsellor learn from their clients? Here are 12 things I've learned in 12 years as a therapist
Small group counseling lesson on the intensity of anger. It takes students through scaffolded activities that support their awareness of when they are calm, bothered, frustrated, angry, and furious. Activities use a weather metaphor to engage and give students a vocabulary for anger and it's range. Perfect for 1st-3rd grade and with individual students or small groups. This product contains a facilitator guide, mini lesson, group activities, independent student scales and exit slips.
Mending a broken heart activity. (OR) The many important pieces of my heart that make me whole.