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Scarlett Restaurant​ is a superb restaurant in The Rocks. It wins for me as the best service for 2016 and will make my Top 10 venues of the year. I will be back, even if it is for a stealth late night art heist. Thanks to FCBA Food Critics & Bloggers Australia​ for giving me the opportunity to attend this delectable marvel at the Harbour Rocks Hotel​.

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Madame Nhu​ offers the best food court lunches I have ever had and their flagship restaurant in Surry Hills brings Vietnamese street food brilliance into a wonderful modernised venue. You can’t go wrong with #Vietnamesefood and Madame Nhu knows how to make it some of the best. Full Review is now up on Spooning.

Big thanks to Arvin Prem Kumar who stepped in last minute to review the amazing The Malaya restaurant last week. Arvin being Malaysian and loving The Malaya speaks volumes - find out his thoughts now on Spooning.

Arvinisstarvin​ steps in and represents Spooning for a review of the Royal Oak Hotel Double Bay​. Thank you good sir!

A small group of us were invited to review Food Society​ in Darlinghurst for their Sydney Festival​ #FestivalFeasts offer. I am of mixed opinions on this venue. So many positives hurt by some avoidable negatives. I will return however because any venue that has Jenga​ on the bar has gotta be good and I am hoping I caught a bad day.

The Dining Room at the Park Hyatt Sydney​ is a venue like no other. It takes the location location location of a good venue, tears it up and sets a standard beyond high class. Executive chef Etienne Karner’s food could have songs written about it. For me it was sublime. Full review is now up for the Sydney Festival​ #FestivalFeasts dining experience.

It is a crime I did not write this article before 2016’s end. The Rice Den​ should have made my Top 10 for 2016. It served me two of my favourite dishes of 2016. The Cured Ocean Trout seduced me and I am now in a relationship with their Kung Pao Chicken. And don't get me started on the brûlée. Thanks to the Zomato​ peeps for a fantastic night out.

My very first inaugural restaurant top 10. May I present the Spooning Australia Top 10 Sydney Restaurants of 2016. Bon Appétit.

Out of my top ten venues for 2016 Flour Drum Newtown is one of only two cafes that makes the cut. The food is unique and healthy and #FlourDrum is an impressive and intriguing venue with staff and plating that elevate it above the standard cafe society of Sydney. If I lived in Newtown I would have my own tab at this place.

I Love Pho is a great authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Crows Nest. Crispy Pork and the Seafood Hot Plate were my faves and oddly I loved Salt and Pepper Tofu for a change from squid. And you have to finish your meal with their Vietnamese Iced Coffee, a truly awesome drink sure to clean out the constitution in no time haha. Cảm ơn bạn cho một bữa ăn tuyệt vời.