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Sans and Papyrus

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Sans and Papyrus
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Thank you, Taco!

I'm just pinning this because there is a DANCING TACO! Seriously, all everyone cares about is the immunity, but I just want my DANCING TACO dreams to come true!


i don't want bad luck but i don't want the kiss>>I don't really care much.>>>> I wanna kiss Ni>>> reposting makes no difference to me, so here.

me irl

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It won't work I know it but I hope it does | random 2 | Pinterest | Hope, It Works and Fun

it wont work probably but its for fun ;Da `Well thanks, now I have to wait three days just for my wish to come true

i don't trust this but I still did it...

Idk what the good news is, but I don't want a bad week. I already had exams last week


They got the dishonor statements wrong! Its dishonor on you dishonor on your cow dishonor on your whole family!<<< I KNOW it should be dishonor on them. How can you not repost this though, after all that?