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20 bevis på varför du bör inreda ditt hem – med rosa - Metro Mode

Did you ever felt refreshed when tasting a glass of lemon water? Composed when gawking at a lemon-shade wall? Studies have discovered that citrus has the ability to help our health in several incredible ways. Check out the magic of & here.

Marco Evaristti who does art installations was jailed for two weeks by authorities in Iceland for dyeing the famous Strokkur geyser pink using food coloring. ~ Miks' Pics "Man Made lll" board.

Hair Color Tip: Add a little bit of haircolor to your conditioner to make your color last longer and stay bright. ***edit: Actually, adding some dye to your shampoo and letting it sit in wet hair for minutes helps color more than conditioner does

Yummy DIY! Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn ~ Even if you didn't enjoy store bought pink popcorn as a kid, you will like this homemade version. It's plain popcorn with a light candy coating and fun pink color

Which Candy Matches Your Personality? You got: Pink Starbursts pink Starbursts. the only flavor of Starburst celebrated, loved, and respected. And because better than other people. just a really quality person and everyone likes you best.

Cotton Candy Art - By volume, one head of broccoli has more sugar in it than 1 cotton candy. Because it is only sugar and air, it would take 12 cotton candies to equal one sugary soda! Facts via How Fun Works on the Travel Channel.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Hope you’re looking forward to all the flowers, sentimentality and sugar shock the day has offer. While not an official holiday — and a day with pretty grim origins — Valentine’s Day is...