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These therapeutic bath salts would make a great gift!   How to Make Therapeutic Bath Salts - Modern Hippie Housewife
Oh how we love unicorns  Super cute cake by @kekandco #unicorncake #cakeartist #cake #unicorn #unicorns #supercutecake #creativecake #prettycake
Before my sister and a few friends had their babies I put this list together for them. I’ve been asked to share it on our blog, so here you go!
Comments have great suggestions too, love that so many moms refer the BoB stroller since that's the only one that's a height we can use and I went ahead and registered for.
5 Parenting Hacks For New Dads That You Won’t Find In Baby Books http://www.menshealth.com/guy-wisdom/easy-parenting-hacks?cid=NL_DailyDoseNL_-_05272016_ParentingHacks_Module6
Widen this floor plan to include a foyer between dining room and bedroom 2/theater room. Add a soaker tub in the master bath. Then it's awesome!
What You ACTUALLY Need For Baby. #registry #babygear #parenting #pregnancy #nursery
30 (More) Products I Stopped Buying and Started Making at Home - Money saved? $600 in four months. Are you making these things too or are you still wasting your hard earned cash?