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Tess Blokkeerus

Tess Blokkeerus
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So need to do this when I go to the beach to put in my bathroom!!

Collect ocean water and shells in a bottle to take the beach home with you :) Also you know you find alot of beer bottles an other stuff like that so it's an amazing idea😊

marcus nilsson #pink #color

Even a tea bag can be pretty. This photo was used in the article "The 25 Products You Can't Cook (or Live) Without" from Bon Appetit Magazine. Photo by Marcus Nilsson.

SUBJECT MATTER: Honeycomb, bees, muted colors, life, texture, pattern, shape, repetition, geometric

Honeycomb in neutral colours. It is a natural pattern or texture. Geometric repetition from nature.

Aquamarine Paint Colors -- Uh! These are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe as a bathroom color or an accent wall. I've had my entire room painted a blue color similar to one of these & it was entirely too much. :) These colors are amazing though & I could absolutely find a use for these!

Try out the bolder side of blue with aquamarine hues. Mm, how I love color. These colors especially. My room will be teal, each bathroom will be painted each a different aquamarine shade.

Surfboard builder Peter Walker on what it was like to teach at RISD, his burnt board technique, and why some buyers of his boards never ride them.