#food4good- Acts of festive food kindness

Edible Christmas gifts are a great way to share. Make cupckaes for the kids' teachers, give homemade pickle jars to friends or throw a charity bake sale.
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Offer to help with your local community veggie garden. Herbs, fruit and vegetables taste beautiful when home grown and you'll make lots of new friends.
Fill the kids' lunchboxes with healthy snacks. If the school allows, you can make extra for them to share with their classmates.
Send some old school mince pies to the local nursing home for patients and staff to bring some festive cheer to the room.
We bet the Aussie troops would welcome a care package from home.
Send an anonymous treat to someone you see dining alone. A slice of cake to finish off their meal for one or a coffee to make them feel thought of.
Hand out sandwiches to the homeless.
Spring a surprise lunch on your other half. Imagine how happy they will be when they open their lunchbox to discover something beautiful inside.
Cook an extra portion of dinner for someone who needs it each night and who often cooks just for one.