gingerbread sugar scrub

DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Homemade deodorant - a Thermomix recipe

Déodorant maison avec recette Thermomix coconut oil beeswax cacao butter (or shea butter) cornstarch 1 – 2 teas bicarb soda (some find this irritable, but I don’t) 1 Vitamin E capsule (optional) 25 drops of essential oil

Thermomix Lemon Cleaning Concentrate - ThermoFun

ThermoFun – Everyday Basics – Lemon Cleaning Concentrate

Kids Everyday Essentials – Playdough

ThermoFun – Kids Everyday Essentials – Play Dough

Quirky Cooking: Luxurious Homemade Moisturiser

Quirky Cooking: Luxurious Homemade Moisturiser - a Thermomix recipe

Peanut Butter, Banana & Oat Dog Treats in Thermomix

ThermoFun – Peanut Butter, Banana and Oat Doggy Treats

My Melbourne Thermomix: Handmade Moisturiser in the Thermomix

My Melbourne Thermomix: Hand Cream and Moisturiser

Cloud Dough

This is probably my fave dough to play with! If you haven't tried this dough you must! The texture is amazing. It's crumbly but can be moulded in to shapes as well. It's soft like a cloud! It's gluten free too! I work with cups and not grams for this

Vapour Rub

I& spent most of the week with a cold. Not fun at all in summer! I can& stand the smell of store bought vapour rubs. I think it brings up too many memories of being sick as a child. I loooooove the smell of eucalyptus though so have made my own rub.

Lemon Hand Scrub

The road to loving my Thermomix: Lemon Hand Scrub

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