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I AM that which you choose. Desire. Allow your soul to yearn for the depth that lays within and experience the world from inside out. From a place of pure divine love and consciousness. To learn how we are doing and being it, head over to https://itsmypleasure.com.au

Even your trials have an expiration date. You will grow, life will change, things will work out.

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Yes I did, and I fought hard as hell to over come all the horrible obstacles that the devil put in my way!

Looking for the best quotes about life & happiness? Read our best quotes, we rank as #1....

Looking for the best quotes about life, happiness and self-improvement? Read our detailed list of our best quotes about life. We rank as

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- travel a lot.everywhere and anywhere - Mess of a mind with a lot of negatives on an amazing Opportunity right now. Need to stay positive

Took a moment to thank friends on facebook, also explained I got a new dose of reality, but thanked them for their support through all of this crazy.

Go 24 hours without complaining. then watch how your life starts changing. (Uh, yeah, I can try it. but 24 hours?

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When you rise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive-to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Only grow thoughts in your brain that you wouldn't mind putting in a vase.

Only grow thoughts in your brain that you wouldn't mind putting in a vase. I love this so much.