sticky roasted thai chicken

Donna Hay's Sticky Roasted Thai Chicken with steamed rice and Chinese broccoli.

Donna Hay Vanilla Custard Slice Recipe - use this pastry technique instead of Graham crackers in Boston cream pie?

Donna Hay's Vanilla Custard Slice

vanilla custard slice Note: really takes hours to set fully. Used vanilla, milk and icing sugar icing. I Used a smaller pan to increase custard depth

classic chocolate caramel slice from donna hay

This easy slice recipe with sticky caramel and rich chocolate is a delicious pick-me-up for when you need something sweet.

lemon tart - donna hay More

Donna Hay lemon tart - spread some homemade mascarpone on top once it's cooled and a layer of fresh blueberries (or your favourite fresh berries)

Coconut Caramel Slice | Donna Hay

Paired with light coconut and cacao, make your heart sing with these delicious coconut caramel slices.

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