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Art Rocks!: Grade 1: Monet Bridge--Oil pastel down first, watercolor to fill up the background. Sprinkle salt on top. Rub salt away once the paint has dried.
Five-Finger Retell2
There are so many ways to make your lessons engaging and interactive for your students! Let me help you get started with some tips and tricks for using SMART Notebook!
Freebie! I have, Who has? Printed this game out and can't wait to play! You can make it a whole group activity and "assign" different sounds to different students!
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phonics no prep printables  CVC, CVC3, CVCC, Beginning Blends, Digraphs, R-controlled words, Vowel Teams (diphthongs)
Students will love making these cute pop-up books as they explore all of the spelling rules and holidays through the year. It's an easy addition to independent literacy centers through the whole year!
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Word Family Trees - A year of spelling with 86 different w
Anchor Chart ROUND UP! Lots of different anchor chart ideas here for Kindergarten.