Once you’ve eaten homemade tortillas, you won’t want the bought ones! We have them quite often, especially when I haven’t had time to make bread, and …

Quirky Cooking: Spelt Tortillas - halved the recipe, and only made 3 large tortillas. Tasted great though, need lots of flour to assist with the rolling out process.

Jalapeno Cheddar Quick Bread {A Pretty Life}

Zucchini, Cheddar Cheese & Chive Buttermilk Quick Bread

This Jalapeno Cheddar Quick Bread is a great addition to your dinner table. In about 1 hour you can have fresh baked bread to serve alongside your soups, stews or casseroles.

Thermomix Wraps Recipe

She's been tweaking recipes trying to get the perfect wrap and finally she nailed it and is sharing it

How to bake like a pro -- make your own bagels! » Super Kitchen Machine (Thermomix)

Bagels Thermomix

Authentic artisanal bagels are extremely rewarding and easy to make. Even beginner cooks can feel like a pro with Thermomix. (The hardest thing is deciding what to put on top.


Zucchini Flatbreads (Grain, Dairy & Nut Free)

charliesweight: “ Zucchini Flatbreads (makes depending on the size you prefer) Phase With ½ the recipe flats) you can add a total of of protein (like sliced grilled chicken) with 1 cup.

Focaccia in Thermomix

A Cook's Illustrated Inspiration! Using a small, boiled potato to this dough gives it a beautiful lightness and adds a great deal to the flavor.

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