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A little bit frilly but the wasitcoat is nice. This cut of coat is better than the other one. I'm not keen on the breeches (NO knee breeches :P) but I know you like them.

This guide provides images and details to consider when creating an early 19th century ballgown. The examples provide a general guide, not an exact historic timeline. Fashion is flexible: styles evolve and are adopted at a different pace depending on the wearer's age, location, and economic or social status.

Neckline broadens, often square, puff sleeves, bodice sometimes gathered…


Beautiful 1804 French evening dress in regency style. **Please enlarge to go to website regarding "white wedding gowns" excellent tutorial.

Swedish coronation dress, 1800

Coronation Dress of Queen Frederica, silver tone with gold thread embroidery, 1800 (Royal Armory and Hallwyl Museum)

Fripperies and Fobs

Court dress and train owned by Empress Josephine, First Empire From the Chateau de Malmaison Costume Collection app: “ “This court outfit, sumptuously embroidered with lotus flowers in cannetille,.

Corset Lace Up Loops

Last week I worked on the back closure of the bridal gown. I was so dreading the loops. I kept finding excuses not to go into the atelier.