Preliminary 2018 Budget Cuts Impact Economic Aid

unicef: “ PHOTO OF THE WEEK: 13 November 2012 A girl attends school in the village of Mélé, Central African Republic – because of conflict, only half of the children in the region go to school.

What Former Secretaries of State Think About Foreign Aid

A barrage of female-run, nonprofit girls' education organizations has since sprung up to create opportunities for women in developing countries.

How to Contact Congress

Email can be found as a rather aimless task when one is trying to contact congress. Congresspersons are busy people and they receive numerous emails.

How Are Presidents Fired?

“A Clinton foreign policy will look a lot like Barack Obama’s, but with a decidedly more hawkish edge

Is The President Allowed to Drive?

So, is the president allowed to drive? Do they drive? Some drive on private land and some drive on golf courses.

Nine Facts About The Youngest American President Ever

Nine Facts About The Youngest American President Ever - The Borgen Project

What Are the Business Restrictions on Presidents?

Some suggestions from popular Bible teacher Michael Brown to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Ways to Remove a President from Office

Article of the Constitution of the United States spells out the circumstances for ways to remove a president from office.

Who is My Representative?

Who is My Representative?

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