Ocean Grove Sunset by *DanielleMiner on deviantART ~ Victoria, Australia

Oh So ShAbBy By Debbie Reynolds shares An Amazing photo. This beautiful photo from IONbyKathy, photographer Danielle Miner

A kiosk overlooking Torquay back beach has been recognised as one of the best-looking examples of its type. The Third Wave Kiosk, designed by Tony Hobba Architects, won Best Café Design at this year’s Eat-Drink-Design Awards. It was built through the Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee’s Tourism Facilities Project and opened last December. Judges said the design by the Bellbrae firm translated the stereotypical Australian beach kiosk into an architectural icon...

The Third Wave Kiosk, Torquay, Australia. The architect Tony Hobba has created a wave inspired structure out of recycled sheet metal and concrete that resembles an old, rusty surf shack.

Cycling along Torquay Esplanade, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Approach diverse regions from a fresh perspective as you cycle along on purpose-built bike trails.

NightJar Market Torquay, Event, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

NightJar Market Torquay, Event, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Maior memorial de guerra de Victoria é a Great Ocean Road.    A 400 quilômetros de extensão estrada foi construída entre 1919 e 1932 por mais de 3000 soldados retornados como um memorial para 60.000 australianos mortos na Primeira Guerra Mundial I.

Back there soon, can't wait! The Great Ocean Road- Australia, 151 miles of road between the Victorian cities of Torquary and Warrnambool. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and it is the world's largest war memorial, dedicated to casualties of WWI.

Urquharts Bluff surf spot - Great Ocean Road

No Pro Easter surfing and babe spotting

Amazing waves on the weekend - so much surf around!

Vicco winter - frothin' with frustration

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