hot smoked salmon rillettes. The Hungry Mum

hot smoked salmon rillettes - a decadent and delicious dip, perfect for parties, Christmas or picnics.

Warm cheese and baby spinach dip made in the slow cooker: I am that person who is more than happy with dip, cheese, crackers and wine for dinner on a Saturday night when I’m with friends. Last night was such a night – an impromptu invite to a friend’s hou…

Crockpot cheese and baby spinach dip - throw in, stir, forget. The Hungry Mum.

easy savoury vegetarian muffins are great for a snack, a picnic or for the lunchbox.

Today is the last day of the Easter school break here in Sydney and it is cold and raining. We have my best friend’s daughter over for the day and I have used this time when gals are distracted to …

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