ginger cake

The best ginger cake

parsnip leek and cheese souffle filled crepes

Parsnip, leek and Cheese souffle crepes – a request from Kirst

blackberry wine

Blackberry Wine – The Katechen

Okonomiyaki – The Katechen

Savoury corn muffins and a bit of news

Cheese and herb corn muffins. MADE: Feb 2015 VERDICT: Good, but really needs very fine polenta (or try soaking in the milk prior to mixing/cooking)

quick red cabbage coleslaw

Quick red cabbage coleslaw – The Katechen

Strawberry and mushroom risotto

A strawberry and mushroom risotto for Kelly – The Katechen

smoked trout tacos

Lazy it’s-too-hot-for-cooking smoked trout tacos

banh mi meets cucumber sandwiches

banh mi meets cucumber sandwiches