A Baby for Loving $24.95

A Baby for Loving by Libby Hathorn, Illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie

One Sunday  $24.99

One+Sunday, Pamela Allen As Zac put it - would make a fabulous David Lynch short film.

Loyal Creatures  $19.99

Like many of his mates from the bush, Frank Ballantyne is keen to join the grand adventure and do his bit. Specially as a chest full of medals might impress the currently unimpressed parents of his childhood sweetheart. So Frank ups his age and volunte

The Big Book of Old Tom  $19.99

One day she finds an unusual bundle on her doorstep - Old Tom has arrived.The five classic Old Tom books, all in one volume:Old Tom, Old Tom at the

Ant and Bee and the ABC $24.95

First published in Ant and Bee were in print for over 40 years. This is the story of how Ant and Bee first met.

Emilio: Through My Eyes  $15.99

For high-school student Emilio Garcia Lopez, it's an ordinary school day. But that evening the knock on the door announcing the arrival of his police-officer cousin Juanita, flanked by a tall man in the uniform of the Federal Police, will turn his ordinar

Street Children $27.95

This sensitive and poignant portrayal, with photographs and illustrations, tells the real-life stories of six courageous children and their families who live and work on the streets in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Guatemala, and shows their resilience and hop

The Meaning of Maggie $27.95

The Meaning of Maggie

Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll  $14.95

Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll - Rosanne Hawke

Figgy in the World  $15.99

Figgy has two problems. Nobody in Ghana has that name. The other is that her grandmother is ill and needs special medicine. Figgy cant do much about her name, but she can do something for Grandma Ama. She will go to America and bring back

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